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 Photo Credit: Picture by Katrina Raabe - KAYSAND LUCK B AMIRACL (Zon Mirekl Goin to Oz (USSR) x Kaysand Luckb Alady 

Together with my husband Trevor, we have successfully bred dogs, Arabian horses (25 years), Brown Swiss Dairy cattle with excellent results, having bred and shown National Champions in the latter two.  We have 35 years experience in breeding and exhibiting dogs.   We work as a team, with Trevor being the “Guru” of pedigrees and genetics and as a team looking at the conformation, health and temperaments of the animals.   We bred Basenjis for over 20 years with our top show dog winning Best of Breed at our State Royal Agricultural Show 7 consecutive years and many Aust. Champions.   We were involved with our children in breeding JackRussells, which were hunted and raced, while also showing Whippets to Aust. Ch. status and a Borzoi, currently Pugs, Frenchies and Racing Greyhounds.


Our passion and driving force is breeding Frenchies that are sound, healthy, fun to be around but also having good breed type which we show successfully.   We take great pride in being able to breed our own competitive show dogs and have found that owning Frenchies for the past 8 years has been an “eye opening experience” for us, an entirely different “Kettle of Fish” to any other animal we have bred.  But we are both thoroughly dedicated and committed to the challenge of improving the health and conformation of this fascinating breed.


We have bred some very competitive Pugs in the relatively short space of 9 years which is a breed in our State that is extremely strong, this led to us falling in love with a Frenchy who attended one of our Pug Specialties 9 years ago, we just had to have one…………low and behold, we now have ten. 


Our home bred  Pug bitch Aust. Ch. Kaysand Pollyanthus won BISS, handled by our beautiful, then 12 year old grandaughter Ashli.


Needless to say, we have always loved flat faced breeds, but had never met a Frenchy until then.  We have now become “obsessed” with the challenge of improving these breeds.


We purchased our first bitch 8 years ago, she only had one litter, but from it came a lovely brindle boy who won the Victorian Points Score for his year and won 4 Best In Group and In Show awards.


To date our Frenchies have won BISS show at the The French Bulldog Club of Victoria's Championship Shows, with Aust. Ch. Kaysand Luckb A Miracl winning BISS at the Open Show and Championship show 2015 in the one day handled by Nadene Douglas, under Judge: Margaret Joyce, then in 2016 Kaysand Uptown Funky Girl won BISS under World Renowned breed Specialist Judge: Dimitri Van Raamsdonk (De La Parure), handled by James Farrugia, Funky was only 6.5 mnths old beating some of the top winning dogs in Australia.  Then our latest highlight was Gr.Ch. Kaysand Lovin Yr Style going BISS under International Judge: Dr. Claudio Rossi (Brazil).


We are so proud that we have also won Most Successful Breeder for 6 years.


Our breeding stock is all DNA health tested and Xrayed for Spine and Hips.


Every puppy is sold with all ANKC registration papers, immunised & microchipped, health checks,   A LARGE PUPPY PACK, a booklet composed by us with tips on feeding, health & care.  With food that the pups are raised on, Snuggle Safe microwave heat pad, Goat Horn,  toys, blanket, etc.



Jacqui and TrevorWebb

Kaysand French Bulldogs



Our aim is to breed quality dogs with breed type, good conformation and above all else "Health," plus the "look at me" show attitude that makes a good show dog even better.










Jacqui & Trevor Webb

Glen Park near Ballarat, Victoria

Phone: 03 53 345 247

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